The regular playdough that I make is not gluten-free, I do use white flour in it.  I have a separate line of gluten free playough.  I also want to address the peanut/nut allergy issue. This playdough is made on my kitchen counter. The counter is cleaned and recleaned after every batch of playdough, however I do have a day care in my home and occasionally we have peanut butter or foods that have peanuts in them. So even though the counter is cleaned repeatedly I can not say that the playdough does not come into contact with any sort of peanut or nuts. So like the companies I will have to say that it MAY have come in contact with some sort of nut. I have had gluten and peanut allergies in my day care and I know how serious they are and can be. I don't want to mislead anyone by saying it doesn't come in contact with nuts because it is a possiblity!