Frequently Asked Questions?

What ages do you recommend for playdough?
Playdough is not recommended for children under the age of 3.  It can pose a potential choking hazard.

How many kids can play with the 1/2 lb. or 1 lb. of playdough?
A 1/2 lb. of playdough is good for 1-2 children, and 1 lb. would work for 3 (maybe 4) children!

Where should I store my playdough?
The best place to store your playdough is in a cool, dark place.  The refrigerator is an excellent place!  Make sure that you keep the playdough in an airtight container and play with it frequently! 



I know I talk about this all the time, BUT I still get messages from people who are upset that their playdough molded. So here it goes AGAIN.......

My HOMEMADE playdough is made from flour, salt, water, vegetable oil, and cream of tartar. Many of these ingredients (if not all, are found in homemade baked goods). Store bought Play-Doh doesn't mold because it has preservatives in it. Those preservatives are NOT in my dough. If your playdough is not stored correctly it will mold. Mold grows in moist or damp conditions. So storing it on your kitchen counter is NOT ideal! Even if your home is air conditioned the temperature in the kitchen fluctuates while your cooking. As I have mentioned NUMEROUS times....the best place to store your playdough is somewhere cool. It needs to be a place where it stays consistently cool and isn't exposed to humidity. Humidity contributes to mold growth. I'm not going to get into the science of it but PLEASE listen when I say store your dough someplace where the temperature is low. LOW as in 60 degrees and under. I have this stated in my pamphlet, on this page (MANY) times, on my website, and on playdough containers. I guarantee the playdough up to 30 days, after that there will be no replacement or refund. I have customers who have playdough from March, and some have some from December.....because they stored it properly. When it leaves me, I have NO CONTROL over what you do with it, so I think it's actually quite nice of me to offer a 30 day guarantee. I store it properly right up until it is shipped or taken to a craft show. If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask!

How long with the playdough last?
It really depends on the way you store it, and how it is played with.  I have had playdough last for more than six months, and some only 3 months.   Try to make sure that whoever is playing with the playdough starts with clean hands.  If food or crumbs get mixed in with the dough, it will eventually mold.  So I really can't give a time table on your playdough because I have no control over how it is stored or played with.  Read "Playdough Guarantee" section on the website for more information.

What ingredients are in the playdough?
The ingredients in the regular playdough are flour, salt, cream of tartar, water, vegetable oil, coloring, and some contain a natural scented oil.

The ingredients in the gluten-free dough are rice flour, salt, cornstarch, water, olive oil, coloring, and natural scented oil.

Is the playdough edible?
The ingredients in the playdough are not toxic, however the playdough is NOT made to be eaten.  It's not going taste like it smells!  If your child is constantly sneaking a taste then you should probably sit with them while they play or wait a little longer before you introduce the playdough to them.

How do you scent the dough?
To scent the dough I use a special fragrance oil that is DPG, nitro musk and Phthalate FREE, and does NOT contain alcohol.

Does the playdough contain nuts?
This playdough is made on my kitchen counter. The counter is cleaned and recleaned after every batch of playdough, however I do have a day care in my home and occasionally we have peanut butter or foods that have peanuts in them. So even though the counter is cleaned repeatedly I can not say that the playdough does not come into contact with any sort of peanut or nuts. So like the companies I will have to say that it MAY have come in contact with some sort of nut. I have had gluten and peanut allergies in my day care and I know how serious they are and can be. I don't want to mislead anyone by saying it doesn't come in contact with nuts because it is a possiblity. 

What do I do if my playdough is sticky?
Add flour and a little bit of vegetable oil.

Why didn't I receive the Playdough Mats that I ordered in the mail?

The playdough mats are sent to you through e-mail in PDF form, as indicated when you select to order them.  Their available date is also listed when you order them.
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