How The Club Works

How does the Playdough of the Month Club Work?

Each month there will be a different scent of playdough that will come with accessories.  For example, Fruit Loop Playdough with jungle animals.  The scent and accessory will be announced at the beginning of the month for the following month.  The playdough comes in 1/2 lb. & 1 lb. sizes.

I also have playdough mats available to go with each months theme of playdough, that need to be purchased separately.  The playdough mats are sent to you PDF through e-mail so you can print them off and use them, or you can buy the laminated sets.

You can purchase playdough month to month OR every three months I offer a three month bundle, where your playdough will automatically be sent to you.  I do NOT do automatic billing!

The monthly price is $15 and that includes shipping!  Every 3 months I offer bundle prices.  They are a little bit of a savings.  3 month bundles are $42, 6 month bundles are $78, and 12 month bundles are $144.  The three month bundles are offered 4 times a year, 6 month bundles are offered 2 times a year, and 12 month bundles are only offered in January.

Every month I put everyone's name who ordered that month, into a raffle.  If your name is chosen you receive a FREE set of laminated playdough mats!